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With the largest selection of topiaries in the area, we are proud of our plants.
We are always trying new topiary ideas.

Each plant is lovingly hand trimmed and under-planted for added interest.
Here is a list of a few varieties of topiaries that we offer for sale . There are many others available in several shapes and sizes.




WE DO SHIP. Let us know if you would like something shipped to you. Contact us for more info.


Topiaries - we have  one of New England's largest supplies


Foliage is a light gray green and resembles the leaves of rosemary. This plant does best in full sun with moderate watering. It is a slow grower but easy to care for. Available in a 6" pot with heights 12-24".

Also known as a Greek myrtle has tiny green foliage with a white flower. We have lots of fun with this plant at Lamoureux Greenhouse. Likes to be grown in sun and does not like to dry out. This plant is avaliable in several sizes and shapes.

Topiaries - Come check out our newest creations!MYRTLE ROMANA
Romana myrtle has a wonderful fresh scent often used to make soaps and purfumes. Care is the same as for greek myrtle.






If you would like topiaries shipped to you, contact us using our contact page

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